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Tailoring portfolio risk exposure for optimal

Custom solutions for enhanced portfolio management.

Guided by tried-and-true principles, enhanced by technology

SmartB offers transparent, cost-effective risk optimization to improve portfolio management and boost alpha generation for our clients.



To ensure transparency, our team works in close collaboration with the client to create the final solution. The client’s capital market expertise is leveraged into the data design and modeling, thus ensuring the  interpretability of the solution’s inputs and outputs.

Risk Management

Our solution analyzes market risk using qualitative data for risk modeling, validation and backtesting in order to produce more accurate forecasts of aggregate financial or economic variables that could affect the investment portfolio.

Financial Engineering

Our technology can weight allocations within an index to favor certain characteristics, such as sustainable dividends or low volatility, using mathematical models to analyze multiple datasets to identify patterns and insights as inputs in the investment decision-making process.


We join forces with leading financial market companies

Powering Investments 

Powering Investments 

Powering Investments 

Statistics from our Industry

Although funds from all over the globe are being outperformed by benchmarks, Azzilon’s products are built to lead the way.


Of US funds have been outperformed by the S&P 500


Of Canadian funds have been outperformed by the S&P 500


Of European funds have been outperformed by the S&P 500


Azzilon’s enabled us to enhance our portfolio performance by leveraging our financial Market expertise and building a fully transparent custom solution that powers our investment management.

Portfolio Manager$200 million US based Hedge fund

Reshaping the investment industry for the better.

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About us

We leverage our client’s capital market expertise to build custom systematic portfolios that reflect their investment goals across asset classes, ESG, thematics, and more.

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