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We Empower Portfolio Managers

Our expertise lies in finely tuning the exposure of the chosen investment and enhancing the overall performance of the financial products we’re integrated with through risk-return enhancement.


To ensure transparency, our team works in close collaboration with the client to create the final solution. The client’s capital market expertise is leveraged into the data design and modeling, thus ensuring the  interpretability of the solution’s inputs and outputs.

Risk Management

Our solution analyzes market risk using qualitative data for risk modeling, validation and backtesting in order to produce more accurate forecasts of aggregate financial or economic variables that could affect the investment portfolio.

Financial Engineering

Our technology can weight allocations within an index to favor certain characteristics, such as sustainable dividends or low volatility, using mathematical models to analyze multiple datasets to identify patterns and insights as inputs in the investment decision-making process.



While our clients’ investment strategies are generally built around analysis of price-to-earnings ratios, dividend yields, and other structured financial data, the new frontier to finding alpha and reducing risk lies in the ability to glean insight from massive amounts of unstructured, text-heavy data which is not always easily obtainable.

This is where Azzilon comes into play. We enable investment managers to seize the strength of big data, advanced processing power, the speed of AI, and their own capital markets expertise to find ways to improve alpha, or any variety of portfolio metrics.


Analyzing historical data (like price and volume) to navigate the gap between intrinsic value and market price.


Analyzing price through multiple contexts, whether it be time frame or type (percentage, absolute, or net), as well as the price-to-earnings ratio in fundamental analysis and the rate-of-change indicator in technical analysis.


Using standard deviation and maximum drawdown to measure market volatility to support trade strategies depending on risk tolerance.


Additional data such as macroeconomic data, unemployment rate, consumer price index, sentiment data or earnings calendar can be used to enhance investment management.



When customizing our client’s solution, weighting and direction of the portfolio elements can be defined by four segments that operate at an individual and group level. Calculations are made on a daily basis, but a rebalancing is only determined at the end of a specific period ( ex :  trading week or day )and applied on the period ( ex : next trading day ). The creation of the portfolio can include up to four independent segments that can work together in certain aspects, as follows:


A strategy that allows selecting the direction ( long or short) of each product in the investment universe, based on daily returns, upward and downward movements, and momentum.


A strategy which calculates how much in percentage to be included in the portfolio, based on their potential contribution.


A strategy to determine whether and when to rebalance, based on daily or weekly changes and average performance of the portfolio.


A strategy to manage the portfolio internal risk, based on standard deviation of the portfolio with volatility control adjusted at each rebalancing point.


Working in close collaboration with our clients, we define portfolio components, investment objectives, trading strategy, rules, permissions, and restrictions to come up with an indexed systematic portfolio.


Asset classes

Through our system’s ability to be asset class agnostic we can tailor our solution using custom data components as well as fundamentals and macros to enhance performances for outcomes across all portfolio types.

Azzilon enabled us to enhance our portfolio performance by leveraging our financial Market expertise and building a fully transparent and custom Ai-driven solution that powers our investment management.

Portfolio Manager$200 million US based Hedge fund

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