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Azzilon was founded in Singapore in 2017 by Charles Villeneuve after leaving his former position of Senior Vice President of Structured Products for MAN Financial in Southeast Asia. Along his co-founders Pierre McMaster and Christian Villeneuve, they grew the company to an international level, offering financial solutions to various markets and foreign companies. 

The decision to move to Montreal, Canada was a strategic choice based off multiple factors. The first being the talent the new location could offer. Azzilon understands the importance of building a strong team and having access to a large network of professionals in Artificial Intelligence, leading professionals in finance and the ability to partner with reputable Universities was a key factor.

The settlement to move the headquarters was very natural, Montreal is also where Azzilon’s founders began their careers and developed strong relationships with Canadian banks, Investment firms and other institutions which have since been important partners and clients.

Although the company moved across the globe, Azzilon remains very active in Europe and Asia, holding offices in Spain and Singapore and continue to employ talent from around the world as it keeps growing internally as much as externally.