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Azzilon Systems Canada Inc., a leading provider of intelligent data solutions for the global financial markets, is pleased to announce its partnership with the SGX (the Singapore Stock Exchange) data and indices department, in the launch of an Australian-US Dollar (AUDUSD) index.

Azzilon has been seeing growing demand for currency-related products and selected the AUDUSD as the pilot for its SmartB currency series.

The iEdge-Azzilon strategy powering the AUDUSD Index is designed to enhance performance while mitigating losses from adverse market movements. This index is now being monitored and calculated by SGX, using Azzilon’s proprietary SmartB technology, and made available to leading industry players.

This partnership provides investors in the Asia-pacific region an efficient and sophisticated way of mitigating two-way currency risk. The joint effort and technologies create an unparalleled experience for customers who are looking to capitalize on global currency markets without bearing the burden of constant monitoring.

For more information about the iEdge-Azzilon strategy AUDUSD Index or any of Azzilon Systems Canada inc or SGX’s products and services, please visit their respective websites: /

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About Azzilon Systems Canada Inc.

Azzilon Systems Canada Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is the trusted provider of intelligent solutions for financial markets and its regulated participants. Founded in Singapore in 2017, Azzilon was created by experts in financial engineering and systematic trading. Its cutting edge, tailored solutions help their clients capitalize on equity market performance, combat inflation, and manage portfolio volatility – all powered by their proprietary SmartB technology.

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